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Medalpia is a medical facility, which means unique medicine of Alps. It was founded by well known Georgian physician - Inga Nizharadze, whose name has presently been patented throughout the world.

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Unique methods of treatment with, plants and successful results of curing of complicated cases is associates with mysterious, remote places of Svaneti.

Here, in Ushguli, independent of downlands of Georgia, popular unique medicine, based on experience and knowledge of ancestors was formed in places, which are isolated during winter from the rest of Georgia. This knowledge has been applied by Inga Nijharadze, a doctor with the world fame and thanks to her profound understanding of human nature and essence, due to her specific approach, she has achieved extremely successful results.

Unique programs

Unique programs of Medalpia are developed based on:

Restoration of bone, cartilage structure and ligaments


In the case of damage of meniscus, cartilage is restored. Methodology is not invasive. Treatment is performed through application of bandage (without surgery).

Coxarthrosis and vertebral injury

Treatment of coxarthrosis and vertebrae takes 2 years. Basic medicines are applied during the first 1,5 months, in the course of 15 procedures. The following 3 months is the phase of rest. It is followed by 10 specialized procedures, representing necessary part of achieving the result. During specialized procedures, the grown cartilage (which grows during the rest phase) is shaped. Special exercises are the guarantee of formation of anatomic forms of the injured cartilage.

After specialized procedures the patient again has a rest for 3 months and such sequence lasts for two years.

The results will be checked with MRI, by comparing pre-treatment condition with the results of 2-year treatment.

The results will be checked with MRI, by comparing initial situation with the results after 2 years.

In the case of coxarthrosis, x-ray images will be compared.


The method for special treatment of fractures have been tasted for years, Medalpia's treatment programme that lasts for 6 weeks helps the patient to recover three times as fast compared to traditional methods. It takes only 3 weeks with Medalpia's method to start fixing the bone fracture and another 3 week to completely heal the damage. This method heals fractures as complex as:

Treatment of baldness

Unique method for treating baldness has been implemented in Medalpia as a result of long term experimenting.

Treatment of baldness takes three months and results are achieved through restoration of a hair bulb, activation of unused resources of human body.


During treatment process ointment is applied on head surface and kept for two nights and 1 day twice a week. Results are achieved after three months. But it recommended to repeat the procedure every three months during one year period in order to improve the outcome.

Treatment of damaged hair

As you know, hair is especially damages by dyeing, chlorinated water and use of hair dryer. Medalpia cream restores the damaged hair and returns softness and glitter to the hair after three procedures. In case of treatment of damaged hair, ointment should be applied once a month during one year period in order to improve and sustain the result.

Alternative to plastic surgery

The alternative to plastic surgery is a rejuvenation program, based on restoration/ shortening of muscle, leading to natural skin tightening. The Program uses unique ointments and essential oils made of various herbs.

Stretch marks, scars and burns

Treatment of scars and stretch marks is performed through working on muscle. As a result of procedures, your skin will become smooth and even. The suntan, received on the skin, will cover the body evenly and white stretch marks will not be distinguishable from the skin. Successful outcome of my work in treatment of stretch marks and scars is estimated at 80%.

When working with stretch marks, natural correction of body occurs through working on muscles. Disappearing of stretch marks and correction occurs with the following body zones:

Duration and results of treatment:

The result will be achieved in 2-3 weeks. Minimum 10 bandaging procedures are required. After treatment, one bandaging of the treated zone every 6 months is required for maintenance of the effect.

Treatment is performed without massage, by applying bandages

New burn

New burn is 100% curable in MedAlpia.

Restoration of facial contour

At certain age people, especially women, are extremely concerned by the problem of facial contour, as this is the first sign of aging. To deal with this problem, worldwide known brands work only in the skin and its structure, whereas my method is focused in restoration of muscle.

My ointment does not treat skin wrinkles, is works with muscles and just on this basis restores facial contour, and wrinkles disappear themselves. Restoration of facial contour rejuvenates a person by 10-15 years.

Treatment method:

The Method of application of the ointment on the face is unique. This is not the method you use every day. You will use it at MedAlpia; it is a pleasant and simple procedure.

The ointment can be applied under makeup.


For one course of treatment, 50 g ointment is required. Standard treatment duration is 2 months; it is recommended to repeat the two-month course every 8 months.

In substandard cases – existence of jowling is implied – treatment duration is longer and bandaging is also used.

Golden suntan

Sun tanning requires preparation in advance. We all know that excessive sunrays can cause dryness, stains and ageing of skin. Golden suntan ointment of MedAlpia protects the skin against such negative outcomes and ensures permanent healthy, and, at the same time, attractive condition of the skin.

The ointment is indispensable for:

By applying the ointment, you acquire golden, desired color quickly and effectively, in city setting.

Three times 1 hour each, as a result of lying in the sun

Restoration of bone, cartilage structure and ligaments

Zaza Kasradze

(Georgian) სამი თვე ლოგინად ვიყავი ჩავარდნილი, ვარჯიშზე მუხლის გამო, კარიერის ნაადრევად დასრულება მემუქრებოდა. ახლობელმა მედალპიაში მოსვლა მირჩია და ახლა უკვე სრული დატვირთვით ვვარჯიშობ!

Elene Matsaberidze

Treatment was exceptional! Thank you Medalpia!

Salomea Gignadze

Inga you are fantastic! Thanks for saving my burnt hair!


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Baldness IS Treatable

Category > FAQ

On average how long does it take to treat a damaged spine?

Spine treatment takes around 2 years and it has three different stages: Applying of remedies - That takes 1/5 of a month from the start of the treatment; Rest- Patient is resting to regenerate the damaged tissue; Specialized Procedures - This includes special training to develop a cartilage.

Category > FAQ

Can your treatment regenerate eyebrows and eyelashes?

Yes, it can. Actually it takes less time than regenerating hair.

Category > FAQ

How long does it take full bald or partial baldness to recover?

To treat partial baldness - 3 month course is required that includes 25 procedures. In case of total baldness 4 to 6 months are required.

Category > FAQ

Is it possible to rehabilitate closed joints in your clinic?

Yes, it is. It depends on the level of the damage, but generally in 50-60% of cases it is fully recovered.

Category > FAQ

Can i increase my breast size in Medalpia?

No, on a contrary, during the breast correction procedures, cup size decreases.

Category > FAQ

Can i take MRT or Ultrasonography in Medalpia?


Category > General

Can i apply Medalpia's golden tan cream on burnt skin?

Yes, you can! Not only it is safe, it will regenerate and treat burnt skin.

Category > General

How many procedures does it take to recover burnt hair?

It takes around three procedures, but it is recommended to reapply remedy during the year, after dying your hair.

Category > FAQ

How much does breast correction cost?

All prices are negotiated individually, depending on severity of the case.

Category > FAQ

I need to consult Mrs.Inga Nizharadze, how can i do it?

If the patient can not travel, he or she can apply for paid online consulting services in the main menu.

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